Guy Montag

My name is Guy Montag and I am a 30 year old fireman who makes his living by burning books and the houses where they are illegally kept. I used to be be a quintessential fireman; delighting in the work of burning books and homes, and believing myself a happy man. However, as life progresses, I become increasingly discontent as I realizes I've been living an empty, unfulfilling life. Initially, I get unsure of the cause behind his apathy for my wife, job, and the society in which I live. Through my friendship with Clarisse McClellan, I come to realize that I am not in love with my wife and that I am, in fact, disgusted by myself and those around me for choosing to embrace the unimportant, cosmetic façade of life rather than examine what lies beneath. During a certain alarm, the other firemen and I burn a woman alive in her own home, because she refuses to abandon her books. At this fire, I secretly take a book home, I have done this before many time. Following this horrific experience, I develop a psychosomatic ailment and questions whether I can continue in his line of work. Despite the constant bullying of my boss, Chief Beatty, I turn to Professor Faber, a man of books who I once met long ago, for guidance in my quest for knowledge. My internal struggle and impatience for ignorance continue and are brought to a head when I find myself on an alarm to burn my own home. Unable to contain my contempt any longer, I kill Chief Beatty and set out to see Faber, my mentor, before fleeing police and certain death by floating down river. I complete my journey when I find Granger and other like-minded book loving individuals along the train tracks. Together, Granger, I and the others witness an atomic blast that destroys the city, and begin on a quest to assist in the rebirth of a new society based on truth and knowledge.

Mildred (Millie) Montag

I am Montag's wife of ten years, I epitomize the shallowness and complacentness of society that Montag comes to despise. I forgoe real happiness to immerse myself in the technological gadgets of the age, such as my television walls and seashell radios, which allow me a constant escape from reality. My needs for escape also leads ,me to a suicide attempt that after recovering from, I do not even recall. Eventually, I am overwhelmed by my husband's discovery and dedication to books, I report his illegal activity and flee the house. I am the epitome of Fahrenheit 451's empty society, is undoubtedly destroyed when the city is decimated by an atomic bomb at the conclusion of the novel.

Clarisse McClellan

My name is Clarisse and I am wide-eyed 17 year old girl to whom Montag is drawn. I am interested in parts of the world Montag doesn't understand, such as watching people, looking at the moon, and smelling the leaves. I have no taste for the advanced technology of this society has come to depend on, and thus represents\ the antithesis of Millie, Montag's wife. Montag admires me for my curiosity and awareness of the world around me, and is disturbed by my accurate understanding of his empty, loveless life. Thus, I am the first to encourage Montag on his path to self-awareness. Soon after Montag and I develop a friendship.

Professor Faber

I am an aging intellectual in a world with no place for such people, I greatly disapprove of the dehumanized, oppressive society in which I live in. However, I feel it is safer to live discreetly rather than protest or attempt to change the world. Montag and I first met years ago in a park and after a long discussion about books, I gave Montag his contact information. After Montag is taken in by the magic of books, he seeks me out and together, we try to work together against their oppressive society. When Montag is running from the law, I helps him escape.